Google Panda Refresh #25 – How much queries will effect?

The headache of SEOs has begun again when Matt Cutts confirmed the Google Panda Refresh #25 earlier this week while speaking at SMX West Panel. We guys are working on “next generation of Penguin” and will update later this year, he added more. This Article was first appeared on: Google Panda Refresh #25 – How much queries will effect?

Media Ruined us Completely!!!

There is nothing hard to see a TV show on your television. TV is a ground and a lot of TV channels are competing others by newest technologies and fulfilling their viewers’ demands. Electronic media makes it easy for news to be popular among viewers.

I remembered, sometimes ago when newspapers were so common and today so. But, at that time we usually wait for news for next morning or governmental broadcasters not shown interest in that news. Today hot news can be seen easily on TV as a headline or breaking news. That is all because of Electronic Media.

Missing My Old PC :(

Some years back, when I was a child; (a fact) I used to watch TV and mostly and probably I used to watch Discovery & National Geographic. But, that was not such a matter for this blog. I mentioned this because of some reason. Yeah! My relation with computer has a connection with TV and these channels.

From my childhood, I loved technology most because of these channels. These channels made me more sincere with computers and technology. I have no idea, how can I calculate my skills around computers because, they are not enough in my vision.

A Life After 14th January, 2012, 2150PST

On January 14, 2012, 2150 PST, Junaid Khawaja was busy in gossiping with his family when someone cracked the news of Arfa Karims' death. It was not such a great matter for him and he slept well that night. But, next morning he found a fire around his bed and just realized that he really missed something great!

No, it was not just a missing of a person; a nation missed a great asset which neither calculated nor regenerated. All the day, he was just thinking of her so he opened his laptop and was Googling something “Arfa Karim” like that and so on. He found some great points from Arfa’s history and start making a blog on her life and ambitions.

Great Introduction to Consumer Electronics - The Chosen One

If we merge the data about electronics, so it could be 100GB hard drive only for introduction. So here I’ll overview some great things about electronics in short article. I managed here some qualitative points for you which I think you never listened about. People are changed by changing the era. From the first morning of the new century, I was pointing out a great thing to my friends that Jewelry and fashion will be replaced by consumer electronics and related devices. That’s a bitter reality. I inquired here a question from my readers that basically what are consumer electronics and how it is possible to get the latest electronics in just few dollars. Let’s start!

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