How to Plan Wedding Alone

Wedding planning is hot issue in every house today. Whether, it’s your sister and brother’s wedding or yours own. You may need a best wedding planner who can survive in your problems. And it is a big stress at all. Afterwards, you will pay him or her large amount for this planning. So, the article you are reading is about tension free wedding planning. Just need to concentrate on my words, you will be best wedding planner in your family.

Now, you can save your money by planning your favorite occasion at home without any contract. Don’t worry about to watch your planner’s mistake because now it is you! Just read the following passages and performs it at home, no harmful stunts required and it is not a rocket science. It just a wedding planning!
First of all clarify your list of guests with spouse’s family. No fight required in joyful occasion, so both parties need to compromise on it. Secondly, fix a date that suits you, your spouse’s family and obviously these guests who are waiting for that beautiful occasion. Get ready your family members to manage the occasion. Now, original story is beginning so fasten your seat belts before reading following steps!

Firstly choose a theme for decorating your house and room because it is a special part of wedding. Presentation is first priority, so use colorful flowers to decorating entrance of your house and room too. Than you need to take a rest and have a look at your decorations. Now, come back to furnishings with colorful bed sheets, rugs, carpets and towels. Use paper ribbons on walls to decorate it like a heaven.

Design bride and groom’s clothes that will manage them in the colors of decoration. Colorful but colors should be light in bridal suit. Groom should be highlighted in guests so use black or grey color coat and pant suit with silk tie and shirt. The occasion comes once so leave it on professionals of your family.

Now, you need to calculate your expanses on decoration. Than expands it more if you want. Now, concentrate on event date, you may need to plan your wedding couple of weeks before wedding date. Make a chart for your guests and invite them via email, marriage cards and phone call. Now, you have idea that who will come and who will not!

Human wants taste, Hungary wants food! So, the necessary section of your occasion is food with taste. If people admire your food means you win the occasion and you are awarded wedding planner now, you can start your own business. I know that you save your planner’s fee. So, you need to invest it on food. You should be a food lover at that time. If you are not, so leave the topic to other family member. He will manage it. Mostly people prefer light food in day time. So, use low cholesterol food with rice and some salads with fruit spices. Asian traditional juices are helpful to chill your guests. Use candy flavored dessert or chocolate taste ice-cream to serve the taste after meal. If your occasion is in night, use Chinese and Asian food because people love traditional foods of these countries after a long working time. If you followed Chinese and Asian recipes so follow another necessary dessert of these countries. They use custard, Carrot Halva and Rice Pudding (Kheer) as a dessert. Cold drink or tea is necessary drink for them.

If you followed these points and waiting for the results so don’t worry because you followed right place. It is not a advertisement, it’s my experience!

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