How to Educate Your Younger Child

I never had any friendship with my books and education, not at all. And never have friends in school. Afterward, God makes me author due to co-incidence. But, today I prepared myself to take my revenge with little students by sharing some tips with their parents. It is very difficult to make Montessori and kindergarten children to go to school because they think “teachers are vampire” (I knew that very well). Your child has very sharp mind and have many excuses to avoid his school and teachers.

I know that Bill Gates and Newton avoided schools so why they are in our academic books, because they did very well without going school. So, right to the point! I have some basic tips to make your child happy and ready to go to school. You just want to comply with your hairs then you will see the change by yourself. Some tips are very natural whereas some are funny!

Tip#1 – Inquire about his friends and other activities

Make your child ready to share his/her stories with you. Inquire him about his school activities related to fun and friends. Ask questions about his friends and teachers. Ask about his playing time and recess, how he plays with his friends. Request him for meeting with his friend and give advises to increase friendship by sharing school supplies and lunch boxes.

Tip#2 – Take Care of his Sleeping Time

Make sure he slept well last night then prepare him for school. Do not send him school in drowsy feeling because it can default his studies and also other students in the class. Please take care of his sleeping time, if you were in any kind of event last night so you need to leave that event at right time because it can ruin your child’s future.

Tip#3 – Read, Writing and Spelling Issues

The main issue of every new school child is reading, writing and spelling problem. School is not for all day, so you have to manage all of these deficiencies at home. You can adjust his reading by bedtime stories and poems. Writing issue can be solved by easy handwriting books that are easily available in local market. And after that you have to solve the spelling related issues, because mostly of students have spelling mistake issues due to contraction and pronunciation spoken by you. In this case, you have to be accountable with your language.

Tip#4 – Hang Out Daily

You have to hang out with your child daily, make him happy so he can realize his feelings on you. He will share his views with you then teach him about your culture and religion that makes him to nourish with modern world.

Please, make his future wealthy because he is only who can make his nation’s future wealthy and healthy. I am sure that the day is not far when all students of the world love their teachers. Feedback me if you like my school related tips and other articles.

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