How Gaming Consoles Revived

Entertainment Is Need For Every Generation Entertainment is need for every generation in fast pace life. People moves from small towns to mega cities have many responsibilities than ever before. Childish part of a men entice himself to do something different after his toughest work time. So, he engaged himself in different entertaining activities. Some of them prefer physical activities whereas some like to play video games on computers and consoles. Video games and consoles are made specially for gaming purposes. The word “Video Game Console” is used in a sense of consumer product.

Gaming consoles mainly requires a display device and sound medium to perform its main functions. For display purposes LCD panels, CRT monitors and Television sets are used as medium. Joystick, Joypad and Keyboard is used as a game controller. Whereas, mostly use of headphones, speaker systems and surround system is a medium of sound. In 80’s the Atari, Nintendo and Sega prevent the downfall of video game industry. Nintendo introduced zapper robot at that time to compete the market of video game. Cartridges and cassettes were used in game consoles by Sega and Atari at that time.

Afterwards, the era of laser gun competed with zapper. On the other hand, Great game “Super Mario Bros.” took the charge to crush all records of gaming. But, the century was not so far. In 2000, Sony devastated the bright future of cartridge games by introducing “Play Station one” in market. Play Station contains better picture resolution quality and it supports CD that means game consoles are ready to contend with personal computers. Now, consumers can play their computer game CDs on these consoles too. Another bomb on gaming industry was thrown by Sony’s Play Station II at the end of year 2000. Play Station II supports DVD games and DVD is a bunch of various big games. Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii inaugurated all of the above games because both have advantage of built-in flash memory. These consoles can host multiplayer through built-in Wi-Fi feature and also supports SD memory cards that could be remove. Manufacturers of Consoles have to some extent astounded the gamers by producing vibration feature in Joysticks.

Now, market is opened with uncountable games for these consoles with cheap prices. You can also buy these games from various websites with broad choice. Games mostly use in these consoles has big variety and they are further varied by the configuration of consoles. Major games of these consoles are Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, EA Cricket, Counter Strike, The SIMS, Tycoon Series and FIFA Football etc. Normally, People prefer to play these games on multi host services on internet.

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