How Carbonated Drink Destroyed Us

Today, we changed our life style by the changing of surroundings. One of most necessary necessity of life is now ‘Carbonated Beverage’ or ‘Carbonated Drink’. People called it clearly ‘Cold Drink’ and ‘Soft Drink’. Every body has right to chill his mouth and to soothe his thirst by these Soft Drinks. Even in important events of some traditions people made it essential to use. But, if they would know the effect causes by Soft Drink they will never drink it. Even some would ban it forever from their family needs.
Carbonated Drink is a non-alcoholic formula which contains some essences, flavors and sweetening agents. Manufacturers named it ‘soft’ due to its non-alcoholic formula but it has also contains 0.5% alcoholic material. Some harmful chemicals included in it for making it more energized for consumer.
You can not assume its effects before knowing some simple distinguished bullets. I am showing you some important points that will be helpful for prevention from Carbonated Junk. Major diseases caused by these soft drinks are Dental Decay, Diabetes, Bone and Heart Diseases.
· Obesity and Weight related diseases caused due to high quantity of sugar sweetened chemicals included in these carbonated drinks.
· The danger phosphoric acid is helpful for killing calcium from bones, which is really harmful for young girls. However, these girls could face factures in future.
· Above the standard level of Benzene caused many diseases of blood and heart. These soft drinks contain benzene level 19ppb whereas standard level is 5ppb in tap water.
· You would shock to hear that, in India pesticides were found in the well-known soft beverage manufacturer’s product.
· The quantity of carbohydrate, fructose and glucose would be a big cause of dental problems like tooth bacteria and decay.
Some great governments around the world took charge after strict surveys from school and colleges where they find mostly children fell ill because of these carbonated junks. They simply controlled the process of production of these companies under government’s ordinance and implement taxes on exceed consumption of drinks. Keep away from these carbonated drinks, if you are not worried from my points so keep only one line in your mind.
“Your life is like a match stick burning from one end, and the other end is not so far”.

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