How to Avail Advertising Intelligence

Advertising is necessary for every firm that wants to promote their brand in local public. Advertising have many mediums and resources. Some Non-profit organizations use advertising campaigns to motivate people for donation and funding. With another change, governments use advertising plans to promote their programs to the public of state. So, advertising plays a role of interaction between public and government or producer and consumer.

Right by the 21st century, the way of advertising is change its shape. In last of 19th century, companies use poster paints to promote their brands. The criteria changed by the printing machines in 20th century. But, today we have different sources to advertise our business. So, we can promote our business at cheaper rates with colorful advertisement. Today, we will discuss how to promote our business and to motivate people towards organization with effective and attractive advertisement plans.


Some high-profile business companies in 20th century used a system of wall paint advertising that cost much as like as billboards because it takes a time to complete. In other manner, movie directors and producer advertised their movies with the sense of painting on huge buildings.

Pamphlets and Brochures

These sources are mainly used in restaurants and educational institutions that mention the fee of institute and their offered courses. Pamphlets and Brochures vary their value by their color, style and quantity. If you use high contrast colors, quality paper sheet, designed style and large quantity so it will cost you more than a penaflex sheet but it is much convenient to use.


Billboards are one from the smartest sources of advertising for high-profile businesses. You can see the giant signboards side by the road or on the building showing beauty and glamour advertising product of a company. These billboards are used by big companies and government organizations because of their high cost advertising charges.


It is ‘ready to eat’ advertising plan which could be use for low cost and small businesses running by simple people. Usually, the ads appear on billboards are made up of these smooth penaflex sheets in modern age. But, you can also order a design of your favorite one for your home office or beauty parlor.

Vehicle Advertising

Due to fast pace life, we have no time to stop our car and read a big deal mentioned on a giant billboard with small characters. So, the solution provided on the big buses, trucks, rickshaws and cars. Now, you just need to follow the following vehicle for adding the ad in your mind. This type is very cheap to use because you can drive your ad on your own car.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products like printed pens, printed t-shirts, printed jackets, car stickers and printed bags are used as a medium of advertising. The function is very high cost and can not be used in low-level businesses.

Press and Multi-Media Advertising

Press and Multi-Media advertising used in low to high all kinds of business freely. You can place your ad on newspaper and Magazine or ordered it on flash ticker running on the favorite TV channel. Big companies use colorful video advertising with celebrities on TV.

Flash Banners and E-Mails

Flash Banner and Text ads functions used on internet websites and social networking websites for promoting business with click per pay features. Some surviving businessmen use bulk email for advertising their business. In bulk mailing system advertising agency send emails to local public that contain material which describes product of a company.

Text Messaging

Easy and cheap service designed after the arrival of cheap SMS packages on mobile phones. Small firms use that system for advertising their product to the local public. The system is very effective because every mature consumer use mobile phone.

Banners and Wall Chalking

System used from the big firms to small shopkeepers that wants to advertise their business to local public with the help of paper and fabric banners. These colorful banners represent their services and products. Rates can be controlled by the campaigns quantity and quality. Wall chalking is prohibited but people used it because it’s easy to advertise your product in front of your shop.

Digital Screens

Digital screens are used in the big markets or banks use these screens for promotional activities of their business. System costs high to businessmen due to new technology.

So, we discussed them with short descriptions because advertising is very huge business and can not be described in few words. Just wait, we will discuss each of them briefly after a short period. Now we have the key to advertise our business with different styles and can save our money from spam advertising planners.

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