How to Be a Professional Advertiser

Promotional Products

Another source of advertising is pens, t-shirts, jackets, bags and pottery with printed advertisement. This type of advertisement is very effective but it is too expansive to use.

Press and Multi-Media Advertising

This process is used in every type of business just because of its adjustable rates. You can place your text ad on newspaper and magazine or somewhere in news channel ticker line. Some big advertisers convince people to pay large amount and hire beautiful celebrities than show these ad on various TV channels.

Flash Banners and E-Mails

A source for advertising in which text ads and flash banners advertise product on various websites. You can set the payment by per click and it is easily to pay. Some new businessman use bulk email to promote their business because these systems are easy to use.

Text Messaging

Cheap service of mobile phone makes it easy to advertise your business through business SMS packages. You can control the cost of advertising by reducing SMS consumption. The system is very cheap and convenient to use.

Banners and Wall Chalking

Banners and wall chalking are quite common advertising plan for low profile shopkeepers who can not afford advertisement plans. So, they use fabric banners with colorful paints and can place it near their shop or in front of shop. Wall chalking is not a good advertising source because of government restrictions but shopkeepers and gangs use it for the promotion of their name and product.

Digital Screens

You can see these screens in big shopping malls, banks, stock exchange and restaurants. The technology is new so it is very expansive source of advertising.
We discussed our statement in just few words per heading or source of advertising but there are many sources and long descriptions about one source from them. We will navigate soon each of them with all of its description individually.

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