How to be a Intelligent Advertising Agent

Advertising is a need to promote your business in local market. You can promote it with many sources and resources. Some organizations use to organize ad campaigns for the motivation of people for raising funds. Government use these ad campaigns to aware their public for promotional programs and for describing power of population.

Just from the 21st century, advertising change its shape day by day. But, in starting 19th century mostly companies used system of poster paints for their product promotion. The systems change the idea by printing machines in 20th century and now we have hundred of sources to advertise our business.


Some rich companies of 20th century used the expansive advertising source of painted advertising that cost them higher than billboards. It’s just because of time implemented in making these painted advertisement. In some cases, movie makers use these enrich advertisement on big buildings to promote their movie shows.

Pamphlets and Brochures

Pamphlets and Brochures are used as an example of charges and cost of a product in restaurants and educational institutions. Pamphlet costs by its size, weight, style and quality. In some manners quantity and color makes effect on it. So, you can say that it is also expansive source of advertising as compare to penaflex sheets.


A smart source of advertising is billboards mostly used by big business campaigns. You can stare these billboards on roadside with all of its beauty. Somewhere, you can also see mentioned Government campaigns and programs on these billboards. They are too expansive to hire.


It is such a best source of advertising which only costs you little bunch of money and ready for every type of business. Also some ad companies use these penaflex sheets on their billboards. You can see it on your home office or somewhere in beauty parlor with colorful pictures.

Vehicle Advertising

It’s a running advertising. Just because of fast life we haven’t any time to stop a car and watch a big event written on billboard with small characters. So, you can avail these programs on local buses, trucks, car, airplanes and rickshaws. Now, just follow the vehicle and avail the program in just few seconds. You can place it on your own car so it is very cheap to hire.

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