How to Make Your Windows XP Faster

Are you retarded by your old Microsoft Windows XP, which is old and also becomes slower day by day? If your answer is yes then follow this tutorial that will help you to make your operating system faster than ever before. The process I am teaching is very simple and a beginner can use it at home too. And it is absolutely free. Then what are you waiting for!

Step 1

Like other old operating system Microsoft windows XP has problem of slower behavior day by day. The main cause is unnecessary software. Firstly remove all such kind of software using this process. Just need to uninstall some internet software that is not in a usage process from a while.
Go to My Computer > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Uninstall Unnecessary Programs.

Step 2

This step will control themes and unnecessary programs running on your computer. Your computer might be at risk because of these programs. This task will help you to maintain the best performance for your RAM.
Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Settings (Under Performance) > Click Adjust for Best Performance (Under Visual Effects) and press OK.

Step 3

It could be last step for you because after that is just need to store the process. Now, you need to adjust the speed of your computer. In this step you should have a little command on your computer because the case is sensitive here. Follow these steps, they will help you more.

Go to Start Menu in Task Bar > Click on Run > Write REGEDIT in Run > Double Click on the text HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Double Click on Control Panel (Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER) > Click on Desktop (Under Control Panel) > Double Click on Auto End Tasks (under right side window usually on 3rd number) > Change the “Value Data” to 1 > Double Click on Menu Show Delay (under right side window usually on 23rd number) > Change the “Value Data” to 0 > Close all programs.

Now, restart your computer and after restarting check speed of your computer by opening various programs like Windows Media Player, Internet Browser, My Computer and Word Pad etc. Additionally you can delete your internet temporary files from browser’s cache.

Hope, these steps will be helpful to you and may your Windows XP live long. Give me feedback if your problem is solved.

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