How Mp3 Players Ruled Music Industry

Consumer electronics give the birth to Mp3 Players in 1996. Mp3 players are small portable devices that perform multiple functions for their consumer. Amazing point is that consumers set its name “Mp3 Player” whereas its industrial name is Digital Audio Player or DAP. Because, they can also play formats like .amr, .wma, .wav and also reliable EBook Reader. Some of the mp3 players are compatible to telephone directory. In start of the invention it had capacity to save only 6 tracks (4 minute/track with 192kbps). Amazingly, Mp3 player break the marvelous relation between speakers and tape recorders. Because, as compared to tape recorder it has much capacity to store tracks and easy to attach with big speakers.

However, Mp3 Players are convenient to use and popular by the functions of repeat tracks, equalizer, folder system and playing speed. Some Mp3 players support two headphones at a time while others have built-in speaker in it. Mp3 can be compared by their thinnest and smallest size or it can be compared by its storage capacity. Now, you can buy blank label mp3 player from your market and design it with your own logo or sticker. Moreover, you can find mp3 players with 80GB of storage capacity.

So, they are plug n play devices for all operating systems (Except windows 98 and previous) with USB function. Mp3 player requires simple medium of transfer files like copy and paste but some required computer software. A backward function, they have very slow speed of file transfer as compared to USB flash drives.
Now, move to manufacturers of DAP or Mp3 Players. The most popular manufacturer of Mp3 player is Sony and Apple in some cases. Marvelously, Apple got the credit by its invention of “iPod Shuffle”. iPod Shuffles are tiny in size or it can be use instead of your tie pin. They have no screen so they are much easy to use and have great battery time due to its less consumption people compare it best with other mp3 players. Sony Vaio and Sony Walkman are two products of Sony which are widely used in consumer’s community. Companies around the world work as a manufacturer and supplier of mp3 players are Audionic, Sony, Cowon, Coby, Apple, Samsung, Phillips, Panasonic, LG and Toshiba.

Some Chinese manufacturers change the criteria of buying expansive mp3 players for consumers. Chinese designed mp3 players with different designs and capacities. The Accessories include in Mp3 player box is USB Charger, data cable, earphone, software CD and obviously Mp3 player. Please check all the accessories at the time of purchase. Have a good time!

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