How to Classify Pumps

Pumps are equipments that used to move liquids and gases from one place to another with the help of pumping. Pumps are widely used in many industries. Pumps are used to suction of fluids like petrol, water, lubricants, sewerage water and chemical wastage and also used to make pressure for fluids like gases in cylinders and cement in mixture Pressure pumps also used in vehicles for suspension of brakes and for pressure horn. Pumps can be classified in various categories by their sizes and working power, because some of them are used to suction while others for pressure releasing. So, we can say it has its two own categories.

Speed of Pump:
Motor of the pump is described through the horsepower system for its rotation. But, in some cases meter and feet formula is used for its flow measurement.

Pressure and Flow rate Description:
Fluid of the pumps which is transferred in gallons per minutes or gallons per second is described with the flow rate and this flow rate is divided with “pressure head” or “shut off head”.

Types of Pumps:
Basically pumps are used in various fields, so they have many types; some of them are as follows.

Vacuum Pumps are the example of hand pumps which releases the gas from sealed volume and makes pump again empty.

Hydraulic Pumps are common in car jacks that work with oil and make pressure to adjust the load.

Screw Pumps partially gain the fluid from its ground take it to other end.

Fire Pumps are used by the fire brigade to throw the water on victim with diesel engine pressure.

Piston Pumps are common pumps used to transfer fluids from one tank to another.

Submersible Pumps used in oil wells to collect or suck the oil from well’s surface with high pressure.

Lobe Pumps are used as a mixture pumps in chemical, paper pulp and pharmaceutical industries to mix the fluids and solids.

Centrifugal pumps are works against gravity and move the fluids mechanically upwards.

Jet Pumps are used to transfer fluids from ground to top with high pressure anti-gravitational force.

Oil pumps usually used in vehicles to increase the oil pressure which is necessary for engine.

Pneumatic Pumps are used as a hydraulic system of office chairs to adjust the height and tilt. 

Some other pumps are Split case pumps, electric diaphragm pumps, Multi-stage pumps, Sludge pumps and In-line pumps. Pumps are the major part of any industry to move its fluids. From beverages to oil fields, pump is necessary to survive any industry.

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