How to Avoid Junk Food

Junk Food is the biggest problem of our society’s health. Our children spoil by getting junk food in their schools and playing areas. Even some parents allow children to eat or drink this food in a lunch time of school because parents save their time of cooking and packing of healthy and nutritious food. But, they don’t know they would not in a state to bear the loss of their children. People feel that junk food is delicious so it would be cooked or baked in a favorable process of cooking. But they are totally wrong!

Why Junk Food is preferred mostly? People watch the ads like ‘two minutes to ready’, ‘ready to eat’ and ‘eat while driving’. So, they want to access these junks wherever they don’t know about the symptoms of these foods to their health. Even Some big companies multi-nationally make their sales by advertising of junk food items.

What is Junk Food? Junk foods are those foods which have lots of fats, salts, spices, prohibited flavors, food colors and harmful oils with no vegetable and fruit interference. Food items included in junk foods are snacks, fast food burgers, fried food, chips and some types of pasta food.

Here some major effects caused by junk food are written below; please follow them carefully to maintain your health because your life is precious for your family and relatives.
Junk Food is big caused for Lack of Energy in our young generation because mostly young generation prefers to eat Fast food in restaurants with their friends. Junk food containing fats are injurious to our nervous system.

Due to lack of vitamins, proteins and nutrition in junk food. It kills your brain cells slowly and gradually until you feel drowsy and have no concentration on your work. It would be a big cause of eye weakness, hearing problem, respiratory system and digestive system.

Big symptom of junk food is heart disease and blood pressure because the quantity of fats interacts to the returning of your blood.

High cholesterol would effect upon your liver and other sensitive body parts which are helpful for your digestive system and you will never be able to take a fresh juice. You will vomit it.

You can save many precious lives by avoiding junk foods and following some essential tips.

Make a habit to prepare home made lunch for your children school time and also for your office.

Use low fat and calories to your food.

Never use deep fried junks from your office street side.

Avoid eating snacks like chips, pasta foods, burgers, roasts and B.B.Q. from outside your house.

Enjoy the taste of fast food at home by availing the public cracked recipes on various media sources.

Make food at home if you want to go for picnic at anywhere.

Use foil sheets for keeping fresh your cooked or backed food.

Love your family and their health because “Life is one, waits for none”. So, keep out junk food from your car’s dashboard today. Remember me in your mind and do spread my words in your relationships. They all require you!

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