How Google's Owner Billionaired

Obviously, that’s California. California again gave birth to two great computer scientists who want to change the vision of networking industry. Yes, of course, we are talking about those two great mans that makes history for the world. No one could imagine that student could be a billionaire. Imagination converts into inspiration for the peoples on internet by the efforts of these two great scientists.

Zero makes them Hero

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Both were Ph.D. students at Stanford University of California. They invented a small but unique and simple technology web based search engine. They had not enough money to purchase a registered .com domain so they launched it on university’s website as in Sep, 1997. Can you imagine the largest search engine of the world started with 28GB Hard Disk? That’s true Google was running on worsted system at the time of its birth but now they have million servers. How it named Google? The Word Google is derived from “Googol” which means a number with power of 100 zeroes. The domain “” was already registered so they prefer with little misspelling of Googol. Afterwards, they decided to incorporate their business at a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. The domain ‘’ got registration on Sep, 7 1998. Now, both decided to take $1 as their annual salary. But, each of them has 19.8 billion dollar asset value. How they borrowed it? Read below.

Billion Dollars Mistake

Zero worked again! Page and Brin went for a deal with (Largest Search Engine of That Time) where they demanded only 1 million dollar against Google. Excite refused the offer and advised them to launch it at your own risk. Later, they reduced their demand to 750,000 dollar but Excite refused them again.
Now, Google has value of 192.9 billion dollars. Who knows Excite? Who knows their value?

Thinking Flushed

Page and Brin did not agree on the idea of advertising on search engines. But later their thinking was flushed off and allowed text ads on their domain.

How Google Gets

You will be extreme to read that 99% of revenue of Google is collected by Google’s AdWord program. The program runs for people who are willing to advertise their business on various websites on internet.

Earn for Free

Google started a system of ‘Adsense’ for local public who wants to earn from internet market. Google provides free ads and advertising accounts where they can manage ‘Google Ads’ and place that ads on their websites and blogs.

Technology Revealed

Google change the mind of the people who think that a search engine based company can’t maintain other projects. Google Maps, Google Android, Google Translate, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Crisis Response, Google Mobile, Youtube, Blogger, Orkut and Buzz are great examples for technology industry.

Differentiated Employees

Google differentiated their employees by the name of ‘Googler’ and ‘Noogler’. Googler is used for the old, experienced and senior employees especially in Google headquarter. Whereas, Noogler is used for new employees of Google and also they have to wear the multi-color cap on their heads.

What makes it Effective

Google always believed in speed of technology. So, they designed all of their projects with simple designs that can be access by anyone easily on any internet speed.

Google Failed

We know Google is king for all industries of internet. But, due to ‘useful thinking’ criteria of Google, they always failed in ‘social networking businesses’. Social networking sites are best source of fun so people join these sites for fun so people join these sites just for fun not for their working business. That’s why Google’s Orkut failed in Social Networking Industry.

So, Google changes the criteria for internet and web marketing industry and everybody wants to work with Google on any demand and requirement. Latterly, you will find many of articles on Google’s history and biography but I think a person who likes Google by his heart and soul can write best with his views.

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