How to Justify USB Flash Drives

How to transfer Gigs of data from one PC to another? Some years ago, people think that it is impossible. But the invention of USB Flash drive makes it possible. USB Flash Drive is combination of some ICs and circuits. USB flash drive performs multiple copying functions at a time. IBM was the first USB flash drive inventor in 2000 and it had only 8MB space. It was not the reality of “Gigs Dream”. But, very soon some other companies invented USB flash drives with large space. Now, anybody can buy 256GB USB flash drive from every computer market of city.

USB is an abbreviation for “Universal Serial Bus”. USB is a common port in all computer systems and some media devices. After 2005, most of computer manufacturers remove the floppy drive from their computers and replaced it with great technology of USB ports. Because you can connect more than 4 USB flash drives at a time instead of one 3.44 inch floppy which has only 1.77MB space. USB has its own classifications by speed like USB 1.1 is slower than USB 2.0 feature. There is a large change between transfers of speed.
Furthermore, a great thing is that USB flash drive is portable device from its invention date. But, you can not use “plug n Play” feature. The ‘plug n play’ feature is compatible with Windows XP and later Operating Systems. Now, it is highly recommended with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Many media device manufacturers touch-up the feature of USB flash drive in their products like DVD players, Stereo speakers, Digital photo frames and Car stereo etc. These products supports 16GB USB flash drive and can play music, pictures and videos just from one press. The USB flash drive is great invention of 21st century.

USB flash drives are very cheap to buy and effective to use. Usually, USB Flash drives are in vertical shape and have about 2” long size. Some USB flash drives have cap on top for covering purpose of dongle. Some USB flash drives have slider dongle system that could be operated by free button. Some people buy USB flash drives for promotional purposes of their company and small business and print it with their holograms and logos.
Some manufacturers abused the name of big USB flash drive manufacturers by creating fake products. These fake products have virtual memory that doesn’t exist. Some of fake USB flash drives show “write protect error” and “cyclic redundancy error”. Some manufacturers solve this matter by security software and warranty period system. But, it is not permanent solution at all.

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