Why Istanbul Recommended by New Yorkers

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and it is a Eurasian city. Turkey is the country full of battle grounds and monuments. Somewhere, you can see spifflicated castles and forts while driving your car. While, the city has no more privileges of capital but it has ruled Turkey as a business center of country. Istanbul is more famous due to its dual culture. Serene Sea of Marmara separates the two cultures of Europe and Asia in Istanbul. Whether it is in 21st century, but the culture of Istanbul is very calm and peaceful.

Like the other metro cities of the world, Istanbul is full of Airports, Motorways, Railways, Light rails and Trams. You can enjoy your ride to Hotels, Restaurants and Ancient places through these medium of transports. The transport system of Istanbul is very effective and light on pocket. On the other hand, the “Old Town” area of Istanbul is located in Europe. The area is full of ancient bazaars, monuments, forts and castles. But, you can not wait for night in these areas because the nightlife travels to the modern city Istanbul on Asia’s bank.

A city fully bewitched with Fine Arts, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Nightlife and Baths. Ethnical bath of Turkish people is well known as “Hamam”. You can enjoy Turkish bath on Galatasaray Hamami, a famous bathing point of Istanbul near Beyo─člu district. Furthermore, famous shopping centers for tourists are Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Bazaar. And now you can enjoy modern shopping at Akmerkez and Cevahir Mall. They are on the European and Asian part of Istanbul respectively; you can also savour your shopping needs at shopping street of Pera.

Traditional city Istanbul, that is full of cultural, continental and some historic seafood restaurants. Marvelously, you can savour these foods with limited budgets. So, you can assume that metro city is cheap, inexpensive and budgeted for every tourist of Istanbul. Lights are blown as the nights are shown in the city; Bars, Pubs and Clubs have attraction to the youth tourists of the city who wants to enjoy nightlife with disco parties and favorite food items.

Beach is the heart of every city. Likewise, Istanbul has unfolded many beaches for their beloved tourists from all over the world. Mostly, people enjoyed their day time on the beaches of Princes Islands, Silivri, Sariyer and Bosphorus. Some people also avail their trip by convenient and small ships running around these beaches.
"New York Times" prominent newspaper of United States of America questioned to their people '2010 Places to go'. Voters choose Istanbul as a number one place in the world due to its “Historic charms” and “Multiple Cultured Life”. Now, you can enjoy your trip to Istanbul through my glanced view of city.

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