Why Swat is Switzerland of Pakistan

If you ever saw Switzerland then you have to go Swat. Tourist considered Swat is “Switzerland in Pakistan”. Pakistan is full of natural beauties blessed by God. Swat is a beautiful and small valley situated between the giant hills of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

People think that why I recognize and recommend Swat for perfect tourism. Whereas, Pakistan faces big problem of terrorism. Swat formerly played an important role for terrorist hideout. But, they recovered from a large comma by their efforts and Swat is now sacred from all evils of terrorism. Now, every year huge amount of tourist moves to swat for passing their vacations with natural beauty.

People of Swat are very hospitable. Even I noticed last time them, Swati people afraid of foreigners after the war against terrorism but they can sacrifice their lives for the hospitality of their beloved tourists. Their business is based on tourists so they want to serve their clients by heart and soul.

Natural Blessings

Swat is full of mountainous ranges and plains. East to west, these hills are covered with snow and run irregularly. Beautiful lakes make the sight more beautiful than ever seen before. The 91 mile area of Gulabad is naturally beautiful because of its natural plains runs along the Swat River.

Malam Jaba is Hill Station in Swat, Peshawar that is famous for its ski resorts. Moreover, Malam Jaba is also famous for cultural heritage. Women of Malam Jaba are normally housewives and illiterate. Women normally maintain handicrafts at home and support their husbands financially. So, their handicrafts are very famous.
Behrain, Swat is a bazaar for tourists who are willing to buy handicrafts especially made in Swat and by Swati people. The famous handicrafts are wooden chairs, tables, homemade clothes, embroidery clothes, Stones, Gems and Jewelry.

The Ushu and Utrot River joins Swat River in Kalam. A land of small fertile plateaus, with snow covered mountain of Falaksir. On the other side, some importance of Swat by their lakes can not be neglected. Pari Lake, Kundol Lake, Bashigram Lake, Spin Khwar Lake and Daral Lake are the beautiful lakes of Swat which represents the beauty of valley by their clean transparent water. Water of Swat has its own taste which differ it from the water around the world.

Swat is full of wildlife and fisheries resources. So, you can prefer it for hunting of fresh water fishes and birds. If this information is useful for you so the next time never miss the chance of hunting with pleasant weather.

Cultural Heritage

Mostly, the culture adopted by the people of Swat is very simple. People are very straight forward. Women are hardworking and shy to the strangers because of east culture. Children obey their parents. Agriculture is their main occupation. They have fertile land, so they use it in a perfect manner. Normally, people of Swat obey their elders and follow the orders of their ancestors. Population is very limited so they know each other very well.

Long dresses named “Shalwar Kameez” normally for the men of the Swat. And women mostly wore Shalwar Kameez with embroidery patches. Their food culture is also very simple, they eat meat, rice, pulses and beans. All that things considered their God as ‘HALAL’ they can use. Sports are very common across the city. People mostly prefer to play physical games which are helpful for their health.

So next time if you want to go Switzerland, please remember me and my article in your mind. I bet it will helpful to cancel your trip and you will move your luggage towards the airport of Pakistan. Hope that it will be best vacations for you!

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