Google Plus will be Next Social King

google plus circles sparks huddleGoogle, the behemoth of technological world proudly announced their new social network with all new features. In last of June 2011, they officially declared the test trial of their new social networks which name is Google Plus Project or Google + Project. It is just after the invention of great invention of Google +1. Previously, Google disappointed their users because of their slow featured ‘Orkut’.

Google Plus Project of the Larry and Sergey could be a bad innovation for Mark’s Facebook. Google Plus Project will be Next Social King of the technology world because search and research giant Google will allow unlimited enjoyments to their visitors and members.

Being a marketer, I think that it will be too important tool for a SEO who wants to be on top in with his keyword. Like Facebook, Google Plus will allow multiple entertaining features to their beloved users and with more powerful user interface. Have a look at the features of the new generation’s social network.

google plus project Google has enabled “Circles” instead of Facebook’s ‘Friend List’. You may manage your friends with tiny animated circles.

‘Hangout’ will be most entertaining part of the Google Plus which attract people who love new feature of the Facebook, ‘Video Calling’.

‘Huddle’ is unbelievable function for the text chat lovers because Facebook’s Chat is not available for the mobile phones. And the plus point is that you can chat on GTALK with Huddle feature.

‘Location’ is obviously ruled by Google because of their previous researches in Earth, Maps, Satellite and Panorama. With this feature, you can show your location easily to your Friends Circle.

‘+1’ button will allow you to store multiple queries of Google and other beautiful things on the internet in your reminder.

You can share your ‘Picasa Albums’ to your Friend Circles and on wall. It will maximize your photo browsing experience.

So, you can enjoy Google Plus Project at and keep in mind it is a trial version of new social network. Enjoy it!

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