3 Best Web Browsers in the World

If you are a beginner on internet so might be possible you don’t know any thing about web browsers yet. Web Browsers or Internet Browsers are the platform where user makes searches and researches on different websites. Simply, you can say it as people who are visiting different websites it is just because of Web Browsers.

In older times, Web Browsers allowed users to do tasking under specific limitations means you can’t browse multiple pages.

Today, you can do multitasking on web browsers as well as extensions and add-on features will entertain you without opening of any website. Different Best Web Browsers have different qualities and these qualities obviously make Web Browser best among others. Some years ago, peoples commonly used operating system enabled web browser for surfing the web but today we prefer third party web browsers on it because they are fast and reliable.

In this article, we will talk about five Best Web Browsers of the World and ranked them by numbering. Best Web Browsers can be rated by its accuracy or features. Some web browsers are considered as best because of their reliability of templates and themes. Thus, we are defining here each web browser under one heading.


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is considered as number one or the Best Web Browser around the web. This Web Browser allows you to multitasking with no gestures. Firefox is beautifully decorated with its colorful skins and themes. Different third party add-ons will let you to the world of ease. You can surf the web with little bit different style. After a long time but accurately, Mozilla Firefox makes changes day by day not gradually. In last two months, we noted that 3 different versions of Mozilla Firefox 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0 arrived in market. So, it is the First Best Web Browser in the World.


Google Chrome

Now on number second, we recommend Google Chrome 2nd Best Web Browser because of ease and beautiful skins. Google Apps and other Apps make it fast among newly listed Web Browsers. Google Chrome is new Web Browser and it gets popularity in very short time. Now Google Chrome is getting popularity because of the newly listed game in its extension. Angry Bird game of Google Chrome is best source of entertainment while surfing the web.


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was considered as worst Web Browser because of its slow speed and other shaggy features enabled in it. Internet Explorer was most used web browser of its time because Microsoft started a terrain of Web Browsers by Internet Explorer. Newer versions of Internet Explorer make its position high under the Best Web Browsers. So, it is also fast, reliable and accurate but you can’t compare it with Firefox and Google Chrome.

Some other great web browsers are Opera Web Browser, Apple Safari, Camino and Sea Monkey. These Best Web Browser companies are busy to getting the peak position in my Browser ranking list. So, keep searching about new things then you will get a Best Web Browser for you.

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