Be Aware of CRT Screen

I know very well that mostly of the countries in the world uses CRT technology or old technology for visual entertainment and needs. Just look through past 8 to 10 years economically stable countries technological markets used that technology for various purposes. But, after the invention of LCD and LED screens these CRT Screen and Televisions are considered as enemies to the eco-friendly nature. From last few days I was thinking about it in very deep. So, today I am here in writing an article on this serious issue.

How it effect bad upon us??

CRT Screen are really enemies of the nature, How? I can define it in very few points mentioning below:
·         CRT Screen consumes high quantity of energy like electricity.
·         They produce heat in front of its user which causes many of the skin problems and some cancers too.
·         A normal CRT Screen needs space is equal to 4 LCD panels it means you can store more.
·         It is too dangerous by its weight and because of glass. Also picture tube gas could be dangerous.

How to get rid off??

Here are only two simple solutions for that big and serious problem:
·         You can prevent yourself from these CRT Screen by purchasing a best quality LCD or LED Screen for your entertainment or work needs.
·         If you are financially unstable or your budget is usually out of your pocket so you can prefer your health first. You can be away from skin infections and cancers caused by these CRT Screen with simply placing a Cactus Plant in front of your CRT Screen because it absorbs radiations.

If you are serious to this so keep yourself away from CRT Screen and also help others by teaching them with your information. It can be severe harmful for our upcoming generation. Say good bye to your CRT screen now and replace it with LCD or LED Screen.

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