BlackBerry RIM PlayBook – Another Groom of Luxury Tablet PCs

BlackBerry is quite common name where we talk about executives or businessmen. In past few year, we saw that BlackBerry making it possible to meet world with their luxurious products. From the end of 20th century every businessman is considered as incomplete without the touch of BlackBerry’s luxury product. Now, BlackBerry is back with their new technology of Tablet PCs. Apple, Samsung, Dell, Motorola, Archos & LG surprised their consumers with their outstanding tablet PCs so how can it possible BlackBerry doesn’t do that.
Now, BlackBerry comes with their marvelous RIM PlayBook. The smart, elegant and stylish tablet pc is especially designed with all circumstances under need and luxury.
BlackBerry RIM PlayBook is obiviously a gift for BlackBerry Products lovers. Here, I am showing some great features of RIM PlayBook in brief BlackBerry PlayBook Review.
BlackBerry RIM PlayBook has metal chassis and fast run new technology OS which is called as QNX. QNX is next generation OS which is quite simple to use. The RIM PlayBook’s weight is about .90 Pound, which is lighter than Apple iPad and .4 inch is its thickness. The sleek and stylish book is completely designed with necessary parameters like its screen size is 7 inches but as compared to Apple iPad it is easily readable and obviously understandable. Additionally, Memory matters! BlackBerry RIM PlayBook comes with different Storage sizes. 5 Mega Pixels high resolution camera makes it perfect experience of photography. 3 Mega Pixels camera is especially made for you to take your pictures in front of BB PlayBook’s Screen.
So, if we talk about battery life of that tablet so it is fail against Apple iPad but have a good battery backup against Samsung Galaxy Tab. 3.55mm Handsfree jack moves you to perfect experience of music and every rhythm is so clear because of best sound quality. Built-in web tool kit makes your browsing experience so safe and professional. Also, grilled locked speakers behind front glass of RIM PlayBook differs it from other Tablets.

Every Tablet PC is considered incomplete without games so BlackBerry another used its intelligence to design it for perfect gaming experience that means BlackBerry PlayBook is enabled with games and apps too. Connectivity touches the top with WiMax, WiFi, Bluetooth & USB means you can connects you to world with multiple options wirelessly or corded. I recommend you to take a glance to it in market it would be a cause of change in perception.

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  1. It looks sleek and smart and I hope that it is priced right so that it is affordable.


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