Different Ages of Friendship

“A friend’s frown is better than a fool’s smile”. A very famous idiom that taught by our teachers through the Stone Age. A life without friend is like a tree without leaves. Every human wants a person who can share or bear his happiness and sorrows respectively. But, friendship is very weak relationship like a fragile thread which can be break easily with the force of false, lies and untrustworthy relations between friends.
Many kinds of friendships we have in this world. Son is friend of Father; Daughter is friend of Mother; God is friend of Believer; Brother is friend of Sister; Poor is friend of Poor and Evil is friend of Evil.

Every man has four stages of life child, youth, mature and old. When first time we went for school, all children of the class were strangers for us. We did not know that the kid on the last seat would be our friend. A perfect Friendship of school friend is to share books with you, doing your homework, share his lunch with you and even get punished from teacher instead of you.
When your second age is come with collar of 16 means you are able to jump in your college life. You will forget all of your school friends except those who are in your practical life. There will be new Relationships of friends who are ready to sacrifice their lives for you but all will leave you alone in a restaurant. They are your loving friends as compared to your school friends. Friend of that age insists you for a girl friend. Now, you can share your feelings with your girl friend and repeat chronicle stories that can not be understand for your friends.
Maturity comes with the briefcase full of documents. Now, old friends are replaced with your practical friends. Business partners and colleagues of office are your great friends. They know everything about your likes and dislikes very well. They will help you financially and economically in your needs. They will settle down their needs with your demands. They will be your best advisor that is helpful for your better future and peaceful tomorrow.
Now, first and last point of circle has come. Last and old part of your life is like a first and child part of your life. Your grandson could be your best friend. You will share all of your stories with him. The story that describes your childhood, the story that defines your bravery, the story that declares your frown and the story that describes your love. And one day you will leave behind all of your friends alone. All of your friends will remind you with your stories.
Please love your Friends because I believe that one friend is equal to seven years of your life. So, keep your beloved friends in the loop of your life. Otherwise your life will be dark as the darkness of graveyard.

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