Facebook Makes Jokes with it’s Users

From past two to three months, I noted that Facebook users are very much annoyed and depressed because of worst experiences with Facebook. While reading Facebook’s F.A.Q.s and user problems I have realized that most of the people have same kind of problems.

Some new features of Facebook makes jokes with their users because I think Facebook developers haven’t checked what user wants. For making a better security system on social network, they have forgotten that how to design social networks and main needs of social network users. Being a Facebook user, I also faced some main problems with Facebook and realized that they are making an open invitation for the hackers.

Personally, I faced these problems so I am here to mention these problems in my latest blog post. First of all, I want to say thanks to some Youtube uploaders who posted videos related to my some problems and that’s why I have solved these, but only some!

Facebook username or friendly URL “facebook.com/yourname” or “facebook.com/companyname” being a major problem for new users who incorrectly settled their username or their Facebook Page name wrong. In the new and advanced system of Facebook it is not possible to change your username twice or thrice. It only offers you to change for one time and if you go wrong so get stuck with that problem.

Second major problem is really a main problem. You can not change your profile name after two to three times. If you want to do this, the automated system of Facebook will show the message “your name change limit has reached”.

Third big blunder of Facebook, Group switching. You can’t switch your old group to new and advanced group which allows you to group chats and other multiple features like that.

And the fourth and last big mistake of Facebook is anonymous SMS sending. In this system, a system typed SMS sent to a non-Facebook person who never used SMS but that SMS totally relates to the person. For example, if “John” is your friend and he is using Facebook but “Peter” never used facebook than Facebook automated system will send a SMS message to “Peter” and invite like this: “John wants to be your friend on Facebook. For more visit this URL http://fb.me/amsjjt7wl”.

So, in my opinion, if Facebook not takes an appropriate action on these problems then it might be possible hackers will hack their system to get rid of these problems. Because, visitors are very sensitive with their profiles and accounts. It could be a hack for millions of a community. 75% Facebook Users are youngsters and they are very emotional. Please! Please! Please! Review your system.

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