A Hawk Eye To Modern Malaysia

"Hi! You are from?”
“Egypt and you”?
“Malaysia? Where’s that”? Thinks for a while “Oh yeah! Malaysia. On Discovery channel I saw a documentary about Malaysia a few months back. The country where people stay in tree houses, on tree tops, right”?
Tree houses? Tree tops? Excuse me Ma’am; we don’t stay on tree tops. Our ancestors used to, but we do not.”

I was dismayed by the comment of that person and thought that there are still a large number of people who do not know the real picture of Malaysia Therefore, I thought to dedicate this article to introducing one of the most beautiful countries with rich history and culture Malaysia, Truly Asia.
A multi culture, multilingual, multi religious and a multi ethnic country, Malaysia, comprises of 52% Malays, 30% Chinese and 8% Indian and the residual are made up of other minorities and innate people. Kuala lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. Moreover the total population of Malaysia is above 27.5Mn.
Malaysia is one the most emerging economies of the world. In 2007, Malaysia was the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia and 29th largest economy of the world.
Malaysia is the home of some of the most renowned edifices in the world. The world’s largest twin tower, PETRONAS Twin tower is in Malaysia. Moreover second and third tallest singular towers standing at 452m (1482.9ft) high is one of the structures that have helped put Malaysia on the world map. Further more, 421m high KL tower are ranked as the tallest tower in Asia and the fourth tallest in the world.
You will also fine some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in Malaysia. With its equatorial weather, white sandy beaches, from all over the world tempts the tourist.
One thing that plays an invariable role in Malaysia is Religion. One of the mosques that have been recently built however it has caught the eyes of people from all around the world because of its beautiful dimensions is Sultan Ahmed. Sultan Ahmad is one of the examples of classic yet modern Islam architecture.
To sum up, Malaysia is one the most beautiful and the most emerging economies of the World and a visit to Malaysia will titillate your senses for sure. Hope you have enjoyed the above article. “Good Bye – in Malay word: Selamat Tinggal”.

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