Karachi – Darkness of Death

City of Quaid, Karachi, City of Lights but a major problem of electricity and load shedding makes it City of Darkness. Highly populated city and business hub of Pakistan goes more dark previous week due to some bad circumstances. Karachi opens its arms for all types of people either they are Hindus or Muslims. Karachi never acts like a strange to them. Millions of people every year came here for jobs and for better income generation. The city makes 65% revenue of Pakistan and that’s the spirit of its businessmen and hard workers.

 A favorite quote of People of Karachi is “Karachi Never Sleeps!” Due to the Location of Karachi everybody attract towards it. Karachi have beautiful parks, sea views and other cheap places deliberately made for the citizen who want to enjoy after a hard work and that places are helpful for forgetting the stresses and strains of whole week. Education of Karachi is good but as compared to Punjab Education system Government Education of Karachi is little bit low. People of Karachi live together without any hesitation of languages. Punjabis, Pathans, Pakhtuns, Sindhi, Memon, Bohri, Bihari & Urdu are mainly spoken languages by peoples of Karachi. Furthermore, Siraiki, hyderabadi, Balochi, English, some domestic and international languages are being highly spoken by peoples. The major population of Karachi divided in different zones with 13 union councils (Standard zones by City District Government of Karachi). Some main political parties of the city include MQM, ANP & PPPP. MQM holds Karachi from last thirteen to fifteen years and it is the 3rd largest political party of the Pakistan which only supervises the Karachi. Extreme but true! Due to the sympathy of peoples, you can’t die with hunger in Karachi.

From last several days, you saw bloodshed of innocent citizens of Karachi by target killers, gangsters & terrorists. At last, it was decided to implement some rangers and police surgical operations which could be helpful for stopping the violence in Karachi. Some political parties and humbled citizens also requested to place Marshall’s Law and place Army forces but it was refused by federal government of Pakistan. But, when government took action against these activities hundreds innocent peoples were killed by blind shots of terrorists.

Moreover, several sack packed dead bodies were found in these days from different areas of the city. They were brutally killed by the paid target killers and gang war terrorists. Straight fire on public buses increased the violence in Karachi and in the hearts of innocent citizens.

I have written this article because I also faced many problems these days. Who are they and what they want I don’t know but I direct pray from almighty Allah. Please! Please! Make my city clean from terrorism and terrorists; make Karachi a sacred city which is free from all kind of weapons, produce brotherhood and love in the hearts of all citizens. Aameen!

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