Ramadan – A Gift for Muslims

Islam Religion is the religion of peace, discipline and unity. Islam also teaches us brotherhood and Taqwa. Taqwa is main part of our Islam Religion. You can say it as Allah gives it priority on other things. Muslims believe that Taqwa hold their faith in one Allah and his Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Islam also teaches us advantages of the main laws.

If you think Ramadan is only the month of Islamic year so you are totally wrong. First of all, you have to be a faithful Muslim to know the ground reality of Ramadan. So, main questions are What is Ramadan? And How to Celebrate it?

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holy month in Muslim calendar in which Muslims fast for Allah and purify their money by paying Zakat. Fasting is a main part of this month. Fast means “soom” in Arabic and “Roza” in Hindi. Soom increases our good deeds. We can offer more Namaz (Holy Prayer) which reduces our sins. Also, Fast in Ramadan teaches us how poor men bear hunger. Just because of this hunger, Allah ordered us to give Zakat on specified money to needy and poor peoples. Zakat and Fitraah can be in cash or specify material by Allah. Ramadan is the month of all, that’s why we do something good for the needy people by our excess money and they enjoy the same happiness like us. Ramadan allows us what to do, when to do and where to do but we have to search these questions in Qura’an. Thus, Islam Religion is really a Wonderful Religion. Simply what is Ramadan can be defined as it starts with Mercy, based on Forgiveness and ends with Freedom of Fire.

How to Celebrate Ramadan?

Celebrating Ramadan is right of every Muslim that’s why Allah has created sources for all societies of our Islam Religion. Allah gives the principles to Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallay Alla Waa-Aalihi Wassallam. Muhammad Peace be Upon Him implemented these principles on us in his life which after carefully re-implemented by different Khaleefas and Rulers. We can Celebrate Ramadan by paying authentic Zakat, Fitraah to needy peoples because they can enjoy the same Ramadan like us and it’s their right. Secondly, you have to pray more and more because it works for you next whole year. Little sacrifice can make huge for you so do better and do same for others.

Roza not only is the name of remain hungry for all day it also says to pray because it is also a plus pray gift from Allah. So, be a savvy part of this month and revive your gift for the next year.

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  1. I appreciate your answers. they are quiet right and love to Send gifts to Pakistan in this month to Muslims. which have no one to send them gifts we all have to help them.


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