History of dengue fever and Spread of dengue virus in Pakistan now picking pace

The means of dengue word is not clear , but  the theory is that and it is drive from the Swahili phrase "Ka-dinga pepo" , the meaning of this word is  "cramp-like seizure caused by an evil spirit". The Swahili word "dinga" may possibly have its origin in the Spanish word "dengue" meaning fastidious or careful . Slaves in the West Indies who contracted dengue were said to have the posture and gait of a dandy , and the disease was known as " Dandy Fever " . The first record of a case of  dengue fever is in a Chinese medical encyclopedia from the Jin Dynasty (265–420 AD) which referred to a “water poison” associated with flying insects.
The  Dengue epidemics occurred almost simultaneously in Asia , Africa , and North America in the 1780s , shortly after the identification and naming of the disease in 1779 . The first confirmed case report dates from 1789 and is by Benjamin Rush, who coined the term "breakbone fever" because of the symptoms of myalgia and arthralgia . Dengue virus is very dangerous fever but it is cureable disease , it is not cureless disease .

The viral etiology and the transmission by mosquitoes were only deciphered in the 20th century . The socioeconomic impact of World War II resulted in increased spread globally (see also Dengue epidemiology). Nowadays , about 2.5 billion people, or 40% of the world’s population , live in areas where there is a risk of dengue transmission (see figure 1).

 Dengue spread to more than 100 countries in Asia , the Pacific , the Americas , Africa , and the Caribbean . Pakistan face this disease , Now for the people of Pakistan is to cope with the spread of dengue virus ,  which is now spreading very much rapidly . Official figures report that 2000 people in Punjab and 1700 in Sindh are affected by this virus . These figures depict that most of Punjab victims are from Lahore Punjab .  However all areas of Punjab have a number of dengue virus victims .

PIMS Islamabad  is dealing with 155 patients of dengue virus similarly in Rawalpindi 165 cases have been already reported which include one doctor as well . This is not all, these above figures are official , so it is believed that on ground situation is much more worse . Already there have been sprays led by government in many different areas ,  but on many places according to people same corruption culture came in and the low quality liquids were used which were not able to get rid of mosquito .

How dengue works / spreads ?

Mosquito is the main source of spreading this disease , this disease spreads with the byte of special kind of mosquito bite . In fact when a mosquito bites a healthy person, the mosquito gets infected and when this bytes another person he/she gets infected by dengue virus and soon faces dengue fever .

.  Dengue virus spreads from person to person but not directly . In fact it can never transfer from one person to another directly . It do spread from one person to another but via mosquitoes trough following events .

.  After seven days of dengue virus infection growth in mosquito body ,  now if that mosquito bites another           person then the virus gets transferred to that person and that person gets the dengue fever .

.  A mosquito bytes a human with dengue fever and gets infected .

.  Infection grows inside the body of mosquito for seven days before it can infect another person .

.  It is believed by some scientists that dengue virus first transferred to humans from the gorillas through mosquitoes .

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