History of Hajj in Video & Images

Hajj literally said 'to set out for a place'. Hajj is very considered as a holiest prayer of the Muslims and it is the main desire of every Muslim to do Hajj once in his life, but it is necessary deal Muslim if they are physically and financially able to make the journey to Mecca. Every year, Muslims offer Hajj as a great follower of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and Hazrat Ismail (A.S) in the month of Dhul-Hajjah.

Hajj and its rites were first ordained by Allah in the time of the Prophet Ibrahim [Ibrahim] and he was the one who was entrusted by Allah to build the Kaba - the House of Allah - along with his son Ismail [Ishmael] at Makkah. fter building the Kaba, Prophet Ibrahim would come to Makkah to perform Hajj every year, and after his death, this practice was continued by his son. Million of Muslims attract and perform hajj in all over the world.


Hajj is considered one of the five "pillars" of Islam, and Muslim perform Hajj on the 2 pieces of clothes and the color of this is white and it is said as “Ahrram “we cannot perform Hajj without Ahrram so we can say that Ahrram is very important and prayer of Hajj, Pilgrims also perform the sa'i, which is hurrying seven times between the small hills named Safa and Marwah, reenacting the Biblical and Quran story of Hajar's desperate search for lifegiving water and food.

Next, on the first official day of Hajj (8th of Dhul-Hijjah), the two million pilgrims travel a few miles to the plain of Mina and camp there. From Mina, pilgrims travel the following morning to the plain of Arafat where they spend the entire day in earnest supplication and devotion. That evening, the pilgrims move and camp at Muzdalifa, which is a site between Mina and Arafat. Muslims stay overnight and offer various prayers there.

Then the pilgrims return to Mina on the 10th, and throw seven pieces of stones at a stone pillar that represents the devil. This symbolizes Ibrahim's throwing stones at Satan when he tried to stop Ibrahim from sacrificing his son.



Then the pilgrims sacrifice a sheep, reenacting the story of Ibrahim, who, in place of his son, sacrificed a sheep that God had provided as a substitute.

The meat from the slaughtered sheep is distributed for consumption to family, friends, and poor and needy people in the community. After the sacrifice, the pilgrims return to Makkah to end the formal rites of Hajj by performing a final tawaf and sa'i.

I prayer that every Muslim perform Hajj once time in our life (AMEEN)


  1. Muito bonitas as fotos, seria bom ver os povos unidos. ORIENTE E OCIDENTE.

    Não há porque tanta deturpação, porque o ponto neuvrágico e religioso no oriente, não manda que façam guerras, que se matem ou que sejam inimigos de outros povos.
    Somos todos sêres humanos e filhos de um mesmo Deus, apenas com nomes diferentes em suas respectivas línguas

  2. Claro, você está falando sobre a realidade chão. Pessoas que não amam a Deus e Deus o ser humano vai arruinar suas vidas. Obrigado por uma resposta tão grande.

  3. Umrah is like a smaller Hajj, you do not do all of the practices such as the throwing stones at the pillars of satan etc, It's just visiting Mekkah and Medina. the Umrah only consists of doing twaf (circumambulating the kabbah) and walking/running from mount safa, marwa, whilst in the ehram. Those who perform Umrah have to perform Hajj too.
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