Black Hat SEO Tricks - Why Search Engines Hate Them?

Take all yawns at once because now I am bringing up a brief review that relates to Black Hat SEO Tips & Tricks and furthermore I'll bullet why Google & other renowned search engines hate these Black Hat SEOs. Moreover, I'll describe why Black Hat SEOs spread their minds' junk on web spiders. Noobes love to read SEO hacking tricks so I reviewed and extracted it especially for them but don’t try it for your greediness because a Wise Geek SEO is 100 times better than Black Hat SEO.

Google, no doubt a giant search engine but Google have lots of responsibilities everyday so they settled different type of automated systems that unwillingly or willingly work for mankind but after all they are machine operated systems not a genuine human being. Everyone on web based business can only earn by Google. If you are talking about SEOs, they are geeks in their field. A SEO after three have a gigs of data stored in his mind so he can spoil the mind of machine easily.

From past few days, I was researching on Black Hat SEOs and what are their main tricks & at least I can say it not main but all tricks because they only used it for fastest optimizing of web pages on desired top ranked keywords. Suddenly, Google & other renowned search engines maintain their bots or spiders for fighting with these Black Hat SEOs. So, they mainly used Doorway Pages, Search Engine Cloaking & Hidden Links for fastest optimizing of their web pages.

Doorway Pages are the webpages which are specially designed in two parts or you can say two pages with similar URL. They are also known as portal pages, gateway pages, zebra pages, landing pages, jump pages, bridge pages & entry pages. First webpage was based on users’ interest that means it has all necessary visual commands and they were too heavy because of images, videos and other useful content that can recruit web traffic directly to the targeted web page. Second webpage was designed under the perfect sight of all necessary circumstances that entertained Search Engines and specially Google. This kind of web page have ‘H1 Tags’, ‘REL’, ‘Meta’ and other beautiful HTMLs which search engine want to see for the top rank SERP & these HTMLs make webpage light. When search engine spider came to their webpage Search Engine Cloaking term shown second page to it and spider gave them a chance to top page. Furthermore, when user click on the SERP it was automatically recruit to the first page that was so interested. (Search Engines got screwed well)

Hidden Links is look like a simple trick but it was too hard. The trick was only used by the Black Hat SEOs who can hack well developed websites. They hacked well known websites that are caching unlimited times a day and after that they put hidden links to the main page of website. Search Engine Bot read the link and gave it a value. ;)

I shared that I have researched and learnt from the reliable resources. Please! Do your own work for better and reliable value of your valuable webpages because all Black Hat SEOs are in Google Jail now days. 


  1. It's true that black hat techniques are used to create fast results, but the results are not sustainable. Many seo agencies use it to impress their clients with quick results to make money, but black hat techniques are always punished.

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