Google Buzz is Buzzing Away

Today, at 9am sharp, when i opened my email account I was shocked to see that message appeared on my Gmail main page. "Google Buzz is Going Away, but Your Posts are Yours to Keep." I had many friends on Google Buzz and some of them are only using Buzz because it was too light to use, easy & reliable.

Couple of weeks ago, Google has announced to terminate their old Social Network Google Buzz because of popularity of their new social network Google Plus or Google+.

It is no doubt that Google+ is very useful resource for users and webmasters both. Google previously spend a lot in Orkut but the success was too far from them. No Doubt, Google is most powerful behemoth of internet universe that can do everything for expansion of business but in the field of Social Networks they are unlucky.

As compared to latest technology Social Networks Google Buzz was too late to use and too lazy to operate. R.I.P. Google Buzz, At least I can not forget you because I was using this service from a while. My opinion is that, Google took a wrong decision.

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