Rich Internet Applications

RIAs are usually integrated inside web browsers and they don’t require a software installation on the client system. RIAs generally divide the processing of the application between the Internet/network which is decided by the capability of the client machine. RIAs run data processing and manipulation processes on application server side. Most rich internet applications work with some special browsers only and run preferably inside an isolated environment called sandbox. This is done due to security purposes so that client systems don’t get affected if some malicious program is associated with the application. This approach lowers the amount of client-server bandwidth traffic and resource usage as compared to normal client server environment, so these internet applications are also called thin clients.

RIAs differ from basic web applications in a way that there is a client engine that works in between the user and application server.

Rich Internet Application is downloaded by the client engine first and then it is launched by the browser. There can be more than one RIA running or downloaded at the same time by the client engine. RIAs are working on various platforms on web but the most popular are Adobe Flash, Java FX and Microsoft Silver light. There are many other standards that are also used behind the principles of rich internet applications. RIA is used most commonly on online gaming sites where games are designed in flash as well as the applications that require video capture. To run these RIAs depending on the kind of application, you may need to install ActiveX, Java, Adobe Flash or similar technologies on the client machine.

Rich Internet Applications are now used widely as these applications are well connected, more alive, interactive and responsive and provide better interface to the client.

RIAs are regarded as a perfect blend of web and desktop applications used for delivering rich experience to the user. Following are some of the major benefits of using rich internet applications:

1. The user interface of rich internet applications is stunning and visually appealing.

2. Rich Internet Applications are very cost effective in delivering modern applications to a client.

3. Usage of rich internet application will differentiate your product in marketplace from similar applications.

4. Rich Internet Applications are more interesting and fun than other kinds of applications.

5. Rich end user experience is delivered by rich internet applications.

6. RIAs empower companies to build totally new kinds of engaging and innovative user experiences with functionalities or capabilities that would be very difficult or impossible for a developer to create with traditional web technologies.

A potential fundamental shift can be introduced in experience of internet applications by use of rich internet applications. Companies are already benefiting from RIAs and getting a good return on an investment as their customers are using these applications all across their enterprises. Hence, software development companies should focus more on developing these applications to ensure their hold on the market.

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