Steve Jobs – Generation Has Lost a God of Technology

No doubt, Steve Jobs was only a man who changed the perception of the consumer from GB to TB. Few days ago, it was decided that Apple will hire new C.E.O. and replace him with Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was resigned from C.E.O. post because of his cancer problem.

In 2009, Steve Jobs went for the operations of his illness on official leaves but in 2011 he decided to leave Apple as an Orphan. Apple didn’t refuse his resignation because of his serious condition and it was approved by the Company.

He was really a father of technology and we lost him. Steve opened his eyes with a beautiful day of February. It was 24th February, 1955. After giving a great treasure box to the world he leaves us alone on Wednesday 5th of October, 2011.

Few months ago, a annual report by press and media mentioned that Apple is only a company whose economy is superior than U.S. annual economy and I think it is all because of great efforts of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was really a father of Apple products. The world’s largest selling mobile phone brand Apple iPhone is the great invention of this great man. Furthermore, iPad is the new generation tablet pc that has changed the old perception of young generation that their communication world will never shrink.

Moreover, he designed Mac for operating system lovers. Mac is obviously a next generation operating system. iPod & Shuffles are working for the music lovers endlessly. Really, we can never forget Steve Jobs and his efforts for the world of latest technologies.

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