Windows 8s' Most Notable Features Review

A beta version of new Windows 8 was introduced to its developers by the Operating System's Manufacturer Microsoft at BUILD conference organized on Tuesday, 13 September 2011.

This latest operating system is very much different from the old Windows 7, the main feature is touchscreen-optimized interface that will be called “Metro.”

Like this, the new system runs on extreme low-power consumption of ARM-based chips that are usually use for power the smartphones and tablet PCs. Furthermore, New Windows 8s' home page is fully filled with uncountable colorful application in tiles style.

President at Windows and Windows Live Division in Microsoft Corporation, Steven Sinofsky, signify that lines in his keynote: “From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise.”

So, have a great ride to most notable features of latest Windows 8 in pictures that you want from..

Files are arranged in an eye-catching way

The interface of new control panel

Apps can communicate with each other in Windows 8. For instance, users easily select and email photos from different places, such as Facebook, Flickr or on your hard drive

The new “Metro style” interface runs full-screen and allows users to multitask in two at a time

The social network can be seen in a pane interface, the news feed pane on the left and the full view on the right

Users have the option to categorize their apps into genre or function

Typing a web address into Internet Explorer using the on-screen explorer

The Windows 8's on-screen keyboard looks clear and convenient

The Windows 8’s new lock screen appears after users put their computer to sleep, restart or lock. It includes app notifications such as Wi-Fi availability, new email alerts, and user-chosen information (The photo captures the road leading to Mt. Cook National Park in New Zealand)

Pictures & Captions Source EzineMark

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