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Today in this article I will tell you how to Google your thinking easily and how to get exact results for your queries. Sometimes, we make blunders for searching something through web. We really don’t know how to search our mind on our favorite search engine, no doubt, Google. So, today, I’ve planned to observe it how to make it possible.

Google is really a smartly designed and user friendly search engine so it works like a human brain because Google knows very well a human is using it. When a Robot or automated systems want to do spamming on Google, Google easily catch them and punish them with Captcha and something else like this. Our topic is not how Google works but I will absolutely explain it because it is quite necessary to know before you search something your skills.

A better SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) grooms his personality by his searching skills. He knows how to Google it and When to observe a best SERP (Search Engine Reserved Page). Google’s search engines, spiders, robots and bots, no doubt, know who is machine and who want to search something special. Even a system can refine your search by your location and timings.

Now, to the point, Google filters your searches by your location so if you want to search something out of your area so open instead of your area Google. You can find in bottom of your Google Search Homepage. Secondly, make your mind what are you exactly searching. For example, we are searching a “How to” related question.

“How to” is very special type of query in Google terms. Most of the people inside US or outside daily made millions of queries with this term. You must be genius while searching with how to. You should have a perfect command over how to questions. So, we are searching “How to select all friends on Facebook”. Do not place question mark in the end of your how to question because it may be harmful for top searches.

If you really want to make your searches exactly and 100% sure so you have to place your queries under inverted commas (“”). If you want to search something else so remove the how to from behind your query but don’t remove inverted commas because it is necessary for best results.

This article is continued till next jerk in my mind. Any questions will be appreciated. I'll write absolutely How to be a best Google Researcher. Soon!

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