How, Who & Why – Will Facebook Die For Ever?

Rumors and rumors in every tumor… Last Night, I responded one of the hottest questions of this year. A guy asked on Wiki Answers “Will Facebook Dies For Ever?” I knew what he anticipated in top answers but the situation miscarried when I answered him something different and shocked him with ground realities behind the truths of Social Networking Giant Facebook.

Technology Getting Revenged

Last year, when it was hashed out between me and one of my cousins that Mark Zuckerberg will sale or dispose off his dandiest invention of this century (he thinks that) my cousin assured me that Mark will close Facebook because of his studies and most probable he will open it after his examinations. I partially think about his views but showing that I am disagreeing with him because if this is true so he could leave Facebook on his beloved Employees heads.

Facebook or any other network belonging to the social services, infotainment, work or entertainment is not easy to close because billions of people have communications to the world just because of these networks. Facebook, a colossus, no doubt, will never take any action which is against their policies or in the favor of Anti-Facebook Groups & Pages circumstiantlly can be seen on Facebook. So, I contended the first view about the Facebook inclining rumor.

I concisely want to delimitate here that who, why and how it will make possible to Die Facebook forever. Yes! You can also find a politics on web like a real world. But, politics, here is something different. If real world politics will play here on the web so you will say internet is unconscious. I am not joking, it’s a bitter truth. If it encounters so you will not see any Search result of Yahoo on Google or Bing will never pay any attention to Blogger’s blogs.

Antecedently and Seriously, you saw downfalls of Myspace (Give it a Space :P), Twitter & Orkut. Now, all they have a better planning of retaliation in their technological minds. They have planned how and when it is possible to make Facebook a history only in the Books of Wikipedia.

Angry Birds by Chrome Group of Google Guys, was took the first step to defeat Facebook’s Zynga Games. The most popular online Facebook game of the year “Farmville” would be compressed in the books of history so Zynga makes a plan to buy Angry Birds but they had no success.

Google + (Google Plus) was the second revenge from Google Guys. A project of 22 Developers mainly from India and other Pacific Asian countries made Facebook crazy for heap of days. After officially inauguration of Google +, Facebook is making daily based changing in their interfaces. Google Plus attractively designs an undefeatable social network because they want to take Orkut revenge for a long time. If you noticed new look of Facebook like a Geek so you obviously saw that main interfaces of homepage and profile page, they even look smarter but totally a ditto copy of Google plus. Surely, Facebook brutally beat by Google guys.

So, the simple answer is that Facebook will not die; but, it will be killed by the sweetened knives of its friends Google or someone else..!! Article continued…

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