A Great Loss for Pakistan - We Didn't Deserve That Gift

2 days ago, when someone break the news of Arfa Karim; I really felt sorry for her.. A great chapter of Pakistan was closed that night. Being a Microsoft and Google savvy, I really impressed by her efforts for her country in so little age. Her last words I hear on a prominent news channel, surrounding in my mind while writing this article.

I don’t know what I am writing and all that is true! I really felt sorry for her but today another story made me happy, God returned back his gift from us it is just because of great nature. A person who made OLX (a renowned online classified engine) never thought about its drawbacks because he was not making it for abusing his loveable community. But, people didn’t care about that. Yes, that person who has settled a great classified network for us never thought about that. He just loved his people.

Even I never think badly about OLX, Google and Microsoft but why people are misusing them. Being a Pakistani, I felt sorry for all that people who can’t do anything for their country but can easily spoil others efforts.

Arfa did best for her country in very young age. She never thought bad about his country that’s why she was achieved what she required. I bet she never misused of technology. A large gathering of our country is abusing technology badly, it is a bitter reality, but we’ve to face it. I ask only question from my nation.. Did our Quaid-e-Azam ever misuse his powers? So why we…

A day ago, someone abuse OLX with my cellphone number. I don’t care who was he/she, I didn’t get angry for him but I only can pray for him that Allah may turn back his thinking in a positive way. May Allah make him a better man, who is ready to sacrifice his life for his country in any manner in any condition. Can we make a better place for us, where we can move freely and make better decisions for our country and for mankind. CAN WE????

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  2. Arfa Kareem was really our country talent. I agree with you that we misuse the new technology and donot use it for our country but don't lose hope many people think and do for Pakistan as you see Arfa kareem is also a Pakistani.
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