A Life After 14th January, 2012, 2150PST

On January 14, 2012, 2150 PST, Junaid Khawaja was busy in gossiping with his family when someone cracked the news of Arfa Karims' death. It was not such a great matter for him and he slept well that night. But, next morning he found a fire around his bed and just realized that he really missed something great!

No, it was not just a missing of a person; a nation missed a great asset which neither calculated nor regenerated. All the day, he was just thinking of her so he opened his laptop and was Googling something “Arfa Karim” like that and so on. He found some great points from Arfa’s history and start making a blog on her life and ambitions.

She was such a great person, who wants to do something extraordinary for her nation. She settled a computer laboratory somewhere in village which aims to provide free education to needy and intelligent people. She just realized the need of "Digicon Valley" same as Silicone Valley in India.

But, her perception was a huge difference as compared to Silicone Valley. She not only aimed to provide FREE IT Education to needy people, but she compromised to fight against healthcare and residence problems for the needy people; those who can’t afford over that platform.

So, to the point, Junaid Khawaja declared the night next to 15th January, he has to fulfill Arfas’ Dreams. So, he is seeking a great team for this noble cause. A great man is helping out him for this noble cause. So, it is a "Venture Dream" of Arfa Karim and Junaid Khawaja.


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