Media Ruined us Completely!!!

There is nothing hard to see a TV show on your television. TV is a ground and a lot of TV channels are competing others by newest technologies and fulfilling their viewers’ demands. Electronic media makes it easy for news to be popular among viewers.

I remembered, sometimes ago when newspapers were so common and today so. But, at that time we usually wait for news for next morning or governmental broadcasters not shown interest in that news. Today hot news can be seen easily on TV as a headline or breaking news. That is all because of Electronic Media.

Media spreads awareness in people in both ways. Parental guidance is necessary whereas parental awareness is also. You should be savvy but you should be aware to what to see on TV. Because, sometimes, when you’re with your family, and being a family representative, it’s our responsibility to aware others, when and where to see what program. I think, you got what I want to message in previous sentence. It’s bit hard to aware common people and save your post from vulgar prospective.

When I was a child, the only thing remembered in my mind was true media and informative cartoon channels. But, today it is not an easy way to find a best cartoon channels for your children. By the way it’s common to see whatever news channels are doing.

One of these countries, Pakistan, took many steps to flourish its electronic media and aware people about this field. We are here because of the electronic media, today, from sports to news, cartoon to dramas, everything made easy by these Pakistani TV Channels. Pakistani News Channels are fulfilling their viewers’ demands by fast news services and “Watch Online TV” also made its easy to see episodes of previous dramas and news too.


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