Missing My Old PC :(

Some years back, when I was a child; (a fact) I used to watch TV and mostly and probably I used to watch Discovery & National Geographic. But, that was not such a matter for this blog. I mentioned this because of some reason. Yeah! My relation with computer has a connection with TV and these channels.

From my childhood, I loved technology most because of these channels. These channels made me more sincere with computers and technology. I have no idea, how can I calculate my skills around computers because, they are not enough in my vision.

Seriously, I have that day in my mind when I saw first computer in my life. Obviously, that was my house and messed around that all the day. I bothered my brother most that day to see whatever this machine is doing with my brother. A day, he offered me to play “Virtual Cop 2”, a great shooting game of that time; with the help of mouse. I used to control the gestures of mouse with my 2nd hand. Hahaha…!
I can’t forget that day when elder brother was in office and I saw some CDs (remember, I was a child and so good) on computer and as usual; electricity goes away. I pined a lot in CD Rom and succeeded; because I really afraid of him.
It was something like that!

First software, I ever run on my PC was Adobe Photoshop and that was I used to mess the photos of my friends. When, my teacher allocated me to my first computer in school; I can’t express my feeling here. That’s not enough; he made me networking head for all PCs and I wondered how I’ll manage!

Today, a huge area of my room is covered with my computers, laptops and related devices but, I even check daily my first day computer. It was my spirit and that was a great resource. Someone told me today, it will be no more. Miss you my old PC!


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